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I don't know how the zoo still instills a joy of life and excitement and animals. But it's literally my favourite school trip of the year and I get to do it for free, even if it means escorting little kids from one place to other.
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- Going for the Murdoch course! I will pay for it tomorrow ahhh so nervous god.

- Stopping my meds means my junk food cravings have come back in full force. I feel like a glutton.

- Awkward feelings with school! But, meh, as long as I stick by the teacher I like to work with (and she likes me too!) I ain't gonna make a fuss.

- I found Dune fic on the internet! GOOD DUNE FIC. As in, not written by me! Do you have any idea how monumental this is. Ahhh. I read it all afternoon and it made me so happy and the things I would do for a Dune cast, a dune anything these days, guys.

- Writing in patches, which annoys me, but writing is writing. I might do another writing meme just to dabble here and there.

- I rewatched Stardust lately! And I had forgotten what an enjoyable movie it was. I'm not sure what the book is like (and frankly, I don't care either), but the movie is something I could easily watch a lot just for the sake of entertainment. Because it is pure entertainment. I think this weekend I'm going to sit down and watch Constantine and An American Werewolf in London. Both are relevant to my interests and I haven't seen them in a while.

- Guys, I could listen to this forever. I just. I love covers like this. Someone get me all their albums.

- Did I mention I found good dune fic? This is like the highlight of my life right now.

- Still trooping through Pokemon. It's amazing when I replay this game that I start to remember my old tactics and still find new things that get me hooked. Because seriously, whoever invented that game knew exactly what he was doing.

- I should also rewatch Star Trek. Just because.

- I have my own computer! Granted, it's my dad's old one, but who's complaining? Not me, man.

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So my cranky levels are off the charts. Therefore, to temper that, let's do a meme I never did but I enjoy!

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Apr. 16th, 2010 11:36 pm
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- Got into Murdoch/Kaplan's Bachelor of Psychology! 

- Might also apply to British Council's teaching courses to pass the time.

- Need to get a job!

- Need to write more.

- James Cook University is having their open day tomorrow! sob so much for my free time this weekend.

- 66/100 icon slots filled!

- I said this on my lj, but I fucking love Supernatural.

- Watched Prince Caspian! Which I enjoyed! I really do like what the movies have done with the books, because face it, as much as I loved the books, character development/substance wasn't very strong in the first two (but great in the Dawn Treader, so if Hollywood fucks that one over, I'll never forgive them for it :D). Reepicheep was suitably badass, Peter the prick was delightful, Edmund was adorable and I really wish I could like Susan more but I just can't seem to.

- One of the things that I thought about recently and it used to crop up in fandomsecrets a lot was the argument about westerns playing eastern characters/countries/etc. And I talked about this with a few people about how bizarre it was to me. I'm from the East! I've lived my entire life in the Easter hemisphere! Yet, I am more inclined to playing Western characters. To be fair though, I had a strong anglicized background which ostracised me from my peers for about... a good twelve years of my life. I have lived a life being a part of both worlds and never truly understand either one completely. I wonder what that says about me....

- Gosh, DW giving me paid time was a great ploy. :( I want to update every hour because of my new icons.

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Filling up 100 icon slots is hard.

But on the other hand, I can use my trek mood themes everywhere.

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I blame Star Trek videos for any bad music tastes I have recently acquired.

Britney Spears damn you.


also I want a premium megaupload account so I can download these TOS episodes faster. Though I'm starting to see how slash was born from this canon. Because seriously Spock, I get Kirk is in danger but you do not need to beat the woman with your fists. The part that really cracked me up was.

Scotty - I just sent the phaser rifle. Did you get it?
Kirk - What phaser--[Spock walks in, armed with a large rifle] . . . Affirmitive.
Spock - :|

I should make TOS icons. And someone tell me if Shatner qualifies as a good or bad actor. Because I honestly can't tell anymore.

Edit - Screw it, I made them anyway :(

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I want to be shameless and pimp my Kirk/Spock RP threads a lot because they all border on ridiculous and complete awesome. I have the best fucking Spock ever and I adore playing Kirk because I can get away with being a total and complete prat, an idiot and a genius all at the same time.

Tell me that's not beautiful. I dare you. But if you're curious, context for these conversations is here.

[personal profile] namarie: I'm so dead
[personal profile] neverending: ..... y-you win
[personal profile] namarie: \o/ I'M SO DEAD
[personal profile] neverending: I HOPE YOU ENJOYED LIFE AS CAPTAIN, CAPTAIN
[personal profile] namarie: IT WAS A GOOD LIFE WHILE IT LASTED.

[personal profile] namarie: Spock you have me against the wall and you're lecturing me on appropriateness. Honestly.
[personal profile] neverending: ... well you provoked me
[personal profile] namarie: ... I like your logic
[personal profile] neverending: My logic is amazing

[personal profile] namarie: Oh god Spock your expression. I FEEL LIKE I JUST KICKED A PUPPY
[personal profile] neverending: YES YOU SHOULD FEEL BAD FOR MAKING HIM FEEL EMOTIONS!!11!!
[personal profile] namarie: ... okay when you put it like that, I don't feel so bad anymore.
[personal profile] neverending: ... Well. Damnit.

[personal profile] neverending: Why are we flirting?
[personal profile] namarie: idk but my natural disposition is set on flirt.
[personal profile] neverending: ...true enough

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  • AHHH I PLAY KIRK AHHH okay I'm done
  • I. I honestly cannot understand people who use fanart for icons when they have ample canon material to use. Like. For Reyson, HE HAS TWO EXPRESSIONS VIA CANON so I have to use fanart, but for like. Shounen Jump characters or... any manga past fifty chapters, you should have no problem. It doesn't help that some of the art is just plain ugly :(
  • Slowly, but surely, I'm stepping out of my mold. I will explain this crypticness. Later.
  • I love [personal profile] neverending a whole damn lot.
I like how I spent most of my day like :( and when I came home, my dog loved me and I automatically was happy again. DOG THERAPY GUYS. It is unfailable.