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I don't know how the zoo still instills a joy of life and excitement and animals. But it's literally my favourite school trip of the year and I get to do it for free, even if it means escorting little kids from one place to other.
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Aww lucky! Plus Singpore's is extra amazing.
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When we went for Chinese New Year's, we made the mistake of trying to cram the River Cruise and the Zoo into the same day and ended up missing probably 70% of the zoo. SO SAD. I'd totally go back to Singapore just to see it all. (Plus the Night Safari again heehee.)
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I think the River Cruise section is where they have the pandas/red pandas? (And the panda red bean buns...) We happened to get to the exhibit around feeding time for both, which was a plus.

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\o/ ZOO! There's definitely something magical about a good zoo.