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I don't know how the zoo still instills a joy of life and excitement and animals. But it's literally my favourite school trip of the year and I get to do it for free, even if it means escorting little kids from one place to other.
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I still love Man of Steel fight me internet.
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Hey guys, this is the place to say awesome things about [personal profile] aragorn/[plurk.com profile] dudemeister/Erik-mun. Please shower her with love!
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Avengers 2 trailer comes out with whitewashed characters
Fans: Wow I'm so excited for this movie!

Fantastic Four teaser comes out with a black main character
Fans: Ugh Fox sucks they should just give to Marvel.

I don't like MCU fans. It is nebulous and large and full of opinions, so it's not surprising but it's hitting a point where I just hate everyone who is into it. In a way, I'm glad I play Loki in a small quiet corner with non MCU rpers and people because they support the most ridiculous logic to dismiss other people's tastes. And I am furious that a movie where a black character is playing a extremely popular character is automatically dismissed just by the teaser.

And no, Agent Carter does not make it better.
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It's really hard lately, not to be angry and snap at everything. And while I'm improving my communication, I find that I'm struggling with unrealistic standards. Thanks RP! You're a blast.
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You know, a few years back (maybe more), I would have been torn up about someone not liking me on the internet.

Now it's just jk don't let the door hit you on the way out.
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What if we just banned white people from talking about racism.

Like I get you're trying to get equal representation, but for god's sake, don't lecture non-white people on racism, that's just embarrassing.
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Between my co-worker's death and Robin Williams, this sure is a depressing week.
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I think what's really depressing about Hollywood these days is that parents take their kids to see Michael Bay's versions of things. Which are full of misogyny and sexism. And that's what the kids think are cool.
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Sometimes I wish fandom wouldn't make me hate the MCU. "Wow it's so progressive!" "Look how relevant and deep this is!" is getting more and more difficult to parse every day. And nothing is me ingratiating than people telling me how valid it is and how it applies to my life.

Because apparently everyone on the internet is American.
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Someone I've known for seven years still uses the word "bishies" in her livejournal posts.

I'm. I'm in awe. Is she frozen in time, I cannot tell.
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I want a time to come where I can be in a crowd and not have an inevitable panic attack.
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Ah, two days into the vacation and my parents are fed up.
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Why do people in work environments always assume you're a mind reader? I LITERALLY CANNOT UNDERSTAND THAT TRAIN OF THOUGHT. It's either "You're doing things too fast" (my god, I'm too efficient!!) or "You're not doing enough" (they won't give me jobs to do though). All in all, wow, this is a frustrating work week.