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The Windmill Lover ([personal profile] quixotic) wrote2009-07-25 09:36 pm

When you walk~ When you talk~

I blame Star Trek videos for any bad music tastes I have recently acquired.

Britney Spears damn you.


also I want a premium megaupload account so I can download these TOS episodes faster. Though I'm starting to see how slash was born from this canon. Because seriously Spock, I get Kirk is in danger but you do not need to beat the woman with your fists. The part that really cracked me up was.

Scotty - I just sent the phaser rifle. Did you get it?
Kirk - What phaser--[Spock walks in, armed with a large rifle] . . . Affirmitive.
Spock - :|

I should make TOS icons. And someone tell me if Shatner qualifies as a good or bad actor. Because I honestly can't tell anymore.

Edit - Screw it, I made them anyway :(

I get the tingle I wanna mingle

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...l-lol I had to take a speech/public speaking class as a freshman and my second speech had to be about a pop culture icon, so I did Shatner. My problem with public speaking is that when I get nervous, I talk fast. Which, you know, logically meant I should do a Shatner impression as I did my Shatner speech. I GOT AN A FUCKING PLUS. My professor was less enthusiastic about me doing that for my other speeches. 8D
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[personal profile] jeeps 2009-07-26 06:53 am (UTC)(link)
sldkg okay, my husband and i are currently on s3 of tos and we're connnnstantly making jokes about spock wearing the daddy pants and coming down here to take care of this shit. god, it's so glorious.

also i'm of the opinion that shatner is scarily good. very self-aware. in any case, i always enjoy him.
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[personal profile] jeeps 2009-07-26 07:08 am (UTC)(link)
basically i think he just lives his entire life as performance art.
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have you also noticed that thing he does where he'll "suggest" things to kirk like kirk's already thought of them but he's just reminding him and it was totes kirk's idea all along what are you talking about. "captain, don't you mean..." and kirk's all "yes yes, that's what i meant."
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[personal profile] jeeps 2009-07-26 07:20 am (UTC)(link)
HOW FAR IN ARE YOU i need more tos icons.
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YES. PENIS ROCK. keep watchinggg, it gets steadily, ridiculously slashier as it goes into s2.