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So, I've been having a lot of IC secret threads with Bumblebee and the Michael Bay!bots. And this makes me want to write an essay on giant robots and... sexuality. Well, not sexuality per se. That's not the best word for it but something about the way Transformers puts some form of subtext in its shows.

(I will never get over the fact Jetfire put Starscream in handcuffs)

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So my thoughts on Transformers Animated!!! Well, not really since I can ramble about everything in Animated ever. Lockdown's betrayal for money! Starscream's need to defeat Megatron! Lugnut's gay! Prowl being a Discovery Channel fan! Bumblebee failing at life! Well, okay I did write an essay about Bumblebee and the finale and whatnot already (conveniently located here BUT WATCH THE SHOW FIRST!)

But some other thoughts! I was rewatching Along Came a Spider and a lot of thoughts revolving Optimus, Sentinel and Blackarachnia came to mind.
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God guys I love giant robots!!

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I am unreasonably annoyed! The unreasonable part is unreasonable and I'm aware of that, but somehow that doesn't really help that queasy part of my stomach where I feel sick all over because in the back of my mind, I feel more responsible than anyone else. And sometimes I wonder if I am truly capable of making good decisions at all. Or are all my decisions some kind of parody, they only seem good and fun and they are as fleeting as the day?

Hopefully this will resolve itself nicely tomorrow. Hopefully.

Right now though, I'm still unreasonably annoyed.

The other is; a fan was complaining about leaked episodes and advised that others should "wait for the rest of the world". I live in Asia. The rest of the world? The world you're thinking about, no doubt? Is the West and only that. Did it ever occur to you that there are people outside the United states who (shockingly) watch the same things you do? That they don't have that opportunity to wait? Considering how laid back I can be about certain issues and someone who has to "wait" and still end up buying my canons and whatnot, that particularly needled me. I'm not one to get angry, but this piled on a bad mood and just unnecessarily pissed me off. Your luxury is not our luxury.

It's a good thing you listened. God help you if you hadn't.

Nnnngh guys, I'm so angry with all this pent up aggression and I am just. Plain not happy with myself right now.


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