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Apr. 23rd, 2017 11:24 pm
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Finally - finally - I have finished watching Wedding Peach. I forgot how much I'd enjoyed the manga, and the anime followed suit pretty well (in terms of enjoyment; I can't remember whether all of the plot points mirror, though I suspect they don't), though it got pretty intense towards the end. The OVAs were a nice refresher, though not without problems.

The important thing is, it's time for me to start watching a new anime! And boy do I have a lot to choose from.

The list, in no particular order )

I think that's it? I've. I've got a lot of watching to do. I need to figure out what I'm in the mood for.

(Way up high on the Definitely Gonna Watch This list is Tokyo Godfathers, since I checked it out from the library today. So at least that's one decided.)
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The Little Hours     HD720p 14MB
Redband trailer for this not entirely time period conform comedy about three medieval nuns (Aubrey Plaza, Alison Brie, Kate Micucci) who lead a simple life in their convent. Their days are spent chafing at monastic routine, spying on one another, and berating the estate’s day laborer. After a particularly vicious insult session drives the peasant away, Father Tommasso (John C. Reilly) brings on new hired hand Massetto (Dave Franco), a virile young servant forced into hiding by his angry lord. Introduced to the sisters as a deaf-mute to discourage temptation, Massetto struggles to maintain his cover as the repressed nunnery erupts in a whirlwind of pansexual horniness, substance abuse, and wicked revelry. Fred Armisen, Molly Shannon, Jemima Kirke and, Nick Offerman are also part of the cast. Written and directed by Jeff Baena (Life After Beth, Joshy).
It's probably not enough to last for a whole movie, but the trailer is very funny.

The Beguiled     HD720p 98MB
Second trailer for the latest movie from Sofia Coppola (Marie Antoinette, Lost in Translation, The Virgin Suicides), a remake of a 1971 movie from Don Siegel that starred Clint Eastwood. It's a drama that unfolds in Virginia at a girls' school during the Civil War where the young women have been sheltered from the outside world. When a wounded Union soldier (Colin Farrell) is discovered and taken in, the house is taken over with sexual tension, rivalries and an unexpected turn of events. Nicole Kidman, Kirsten Dunst, Elle Fanning and Oona Laurence are also past of the cast.
Movie will take part in the official competition in Cannes next month. See the full festival selection here.

The Man with the Iron Heart - HHhH     HD720p 34MB
Trailer from France for this historical thriller drama set in 1942: The Third Reich is at its peak. The Czech resistance in London decides to plan the most ambitious military operation of WWII: Anthropoid. Two young recruits in their late twenties (Jack O’Connell, Jack Reynor) are sent to Prague to assassinate the most ruthless Nazi leader - Reich-protector Reinhard Heydrich (Jason Clarke), Head of the SS, the Gestapo, and the architect of the "Final Solution". Rosamund Pike and Mia Wasikowska are also part of the cast. Directed by Cédric Jimenez (The Connection).
Movie covers the same events as the one last year that starred Cillian Murphy and was named after the operation. The European title HHhH is a Gestapo acronym that translated means "Himmler's brain is called Heydrich".

Beatriz at Dinner     HD720p 18MB
Dramatic comedy in which Beatriz (Salma Hayek), an immigrant from a poor town in Mexico, has drawn on her innate kindness to build a career as a spiritual health practitioner in Los Angeles. Doug Strutt (John Lithgow) is a cutthroat, self-satisfied billionaire real estate developer. When these two opposites meet at a dinner party, their worlds collide and neither will ever be the same. Connie Britton, Chloë Sevigny, Amy Landecker and Jay Duplass are also part of the cast. Directed by Miguel Arteta (Cedar Rapids, Youth in Revolt, The Good Girl).
Movies tend to take a while until they are made, but a likeness to a so-called "president" is hard to overlook.

American Assassin     HD720p 96MB
First trailer for this action thriller that follows the rise of a CIA black ops recruit (Dylan O’Brien) under the instruction of a Cold War veteran (Michael Keaton). The pair is then enlisted by a CIA Deputy Director (Sanaa Lathan) to investigate a wave of apparently random attacks on both military and civilian targets. Together the three discover a pattern in the violence leading them to a joint mission with a lethal Turkish agent (Shiva Negar) to stop a mysterious operative (Taylor Kitsch) intent on starting a World War in the Middle East. Directed by Michael Cuesta (Kill the Messenger).
Apparently meant to launch a new franchise. Not sure if O’Brien's fanbase is big enough for that.

(no subject)

Apr. 19th, 2017 05:40 am
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I kinda want to start a Dreamwidth community dedicated to posting/sharing infographics. I mean, as soon as I thought of the idea, I was sure that one already existed, because how could one not? Only there... isn't one? Currently only three users even list "infographics" as an interest, and no one lists any of the variations I could think of. (I mean, I only tried three, but still.)

I am seriously tempted to start one. Part of my brain is definitely screaming at me over the mere thought of more responsibilities; the part that's on a continuous loop of, "Why isn't there such a community already, there should be one, I could make it and it wouldn't be very difficult I'm sure," is not quite as loud, but is going a lot faster so I'm less likely to notice any flaws in its arguments.

Probably this will just turn into one of those things where I'm in love with an idea and don't do anything about it, but possibly, just possibly it will turn into one of those things that I actually do.

(Unless someone else wants to do it for me, which I encourage. I might also accept someone doing it with me, but see again: Brain screaming that it's a bad idea, executive dysfunction, etc.)

Active Measures

Apr. 18th, 2017 04:38 pm
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Another month has passed, so I think it's time to take another snapshot of some of the highlights regarding the Trump-Russia story. The amount of stories is enormous. At times it feels like as if multiple seasons of "House of Cards" are unfolding at the same time.

At the hearing of the House Intelligence Committee in March FBI Director Comey revealed that since July there is an FBI investigation into the connections between Russia and the Trump campaign. Please let that sink in for a moment.

Subsequently, in an act of panic, the Republican chairman of the committee Devin Nunes went on a self-destructive, White House directed mission to divert attention. A former DoJ spokesperson described Nunes' press conference as "He basically poured gasoline all over himself & lit himself on fire." Nunes was forced to recuse himself from the Russia investigation and is now under investigation by the House Ethics Committee.
As further diversion, after slandering Barack Obama, the White House also did the same to Susan Rice.

The WaPo has confirmed the existence of a FISA warrant for Carter Page.

It was revealed - by former CIA director James Woolsey - that last September General Flynn, while getting paid by Turkey, took part in a meeting "to plan a covert operation to whisk away fugitive cleric Fethullah Gulen and hand him over to Turkey's authoritarian government". A few months later that man was made National Security Advisor by Trump. For a few days, then he had to resign.
Flynn's lawyer now has offered that Flynn is willing to cooperate with whoever is interested in exchange for immunity. The official reaction was summed up as "Nah, thanks, we're good."

BBC's Paul Wood, one of the reporters that first reported about the existence of a FISA warrant, wrote in a follow-up: "This is a three-headed operation," said one former official, setting out the case, based on the intelligence: Firstly, hackers steal damaging emails from senior Democrats. Secondly, the stories based on this hacked information appear on Twitter and Facebook, posted by thousands of automated "bots", then on Russia's English-language outlets, RT and Sputnik, then right-wing US "news" sites such as Infowars and Breitbart, then Fox and the mainstream media. Thirdly, Russia downloads the online voter rolls."

Read an article by Clint Watts who testified before the Senate intelligence committee on Russia's interference in U.S. politics. Take the time to watch this four minute clip from the hearing.

Last week the Guardian reported: "GCHQ first became aware in late 2015 of suspicious “interactions” between figures connected to Trump and known or suspected Russian agents". They say Germany, Estonia, Poland and Australia passed along information. Dutch and French services are also said to have contributed. "The alleged conversations were picked up by chance as part of routine surveillance of Russian intelligence assets."
The article ends with: "They now have specific concrete and corroborative evidence of collusion".

Two more quotes from politicians that I found noteworthy: Republican Sen. John McCain regarding the Russia investigation: "I think there’s a lot of shoes to drop from this centipede". And the top Democrat on the Senate Intelligence Committee Mark Warner describes the investigation as "the most important thing I've ever done".

Ivanka Trump is implicated in a hotel deal in Azerbaijan that's connected to Iran's Revolutionary Guard.
Jared Kushner is on the list of people to be interviewed by the Senate Intelligence Committee regarding the Russia investigation.

New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman hired Howard Master, the assistant U.S. Attorney who led public-corruption prosecutions under US attorney Preet Bharara, who was recently fired by Trump. Schneiderman most recently sued Trump for his Trump University scam.

Louise Mensch continues to be the journalist who writes blog posts with the most concrete stories. It's always good not get hope up too high, but so far her track record is very good.
She says that Russians hacked the database of the Democratic National Committee to gain access of a list of democratic voters. Russians also hacked state voter registration databases. That data was sent to the Trump campaign as a basis for detailed voter targeting on Facebook and Twitter in order to send custom-made messages.
She also reports that there is a chance "Carter Page went to Moscow in early July carrying with him a pre-recorded tape of Donald Trump offering to change American policy if he were to be elected".
That's what you would call a "smoking gun". Read all of her articles, preferably in chronological order.

Now we are reaching the rumour section. Over the last few days, a flurry of twitter accounts cited infos from "sources" that a lot of people are under investigation and/or willing to cooperate with the authorities. Take it with a dose of scepticism, though, after following these people for some time, I will not dismiss their information out of hand.

Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell are an investigation target because of their knowledge about the Russian hacking and campaign financing.
Rudy Giuliani is allegedly cooperating with the authorities. This would be very helpful since he probably knows where a lot of dead bodies are buried in New York.
Given Trump's shady connections in the past, possible lines of attack for NY AG Schneiderman are emoluments, money laundering, tax evasion and RICO charges. The hope is that Comey and Schneiderman will carefully coordinate their campaigns.

There is more, but I think that's enough for now. I have no idea if some or all of those things will ever happen, though I'm increasingly confident that dominoes will start to fall.
It may make sense to get familiar with the United States presidential line of succession. If Trump gets impeached (or, more likely, resigns), next will be VP Mike Pence (doubtful), House Speaker Paul Ryan (doubtful), Senate president Orrin Hatch (in theory, the most likely).

For continued info I suggest following the twitter accounts of TrueFactsStated, GuardianRover (Edit: better discard GuardianRover) and olgaNYC1211. If you read them you can find more accounts from there.
For topical (and also critical) tweet threads I recommend yottapoint. He's also keeping a website where he collects his threads. For further links and people to follow, have a look at previous politics entries.
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Another heartfelt welcome to those who recently started reading this journal.

Star Wars: The Last Jedi     HD720p 69MB   HD1080p 128MB
First teaser trailer for the eighth episode, written and directed by Rian Johnson (Looper, Brick, Brothers Bloom), to be in theatres next Christmas. There isn't much yet in terms of official summary other than Rey continues her epic journey with Finn, Poe and Luke Skywalker. Many actors from the last few decades return, new additions are Laura Dern, Benicio Del Toro and Kelly Marie Tran. Last time it was Daniel Craig, this time imdb lists Tom Hardy as a possible stormtrooper.
Unsurprisingly, the footage doesn't reveal much, it mainly leaves clues for speculation. As it should be.

The Hitman's Bodyguard     HD720p 24MB
Redband trailer for this action comedy in which the world's top protection agent (Ryan Reynolds) is called upon to guard the life of his mortal enemy, one of the world’s most notorious hitmen (Samuel L. Jackson). The relentless bodyguard and manipulative assassin have been on the opposite end of the bullet for years and are thrown together for a wildly outrageous 24 hours. During their raucous and hilarious adventure from England to the Hague, they encounter high-speed car chases, outlandish boat escapades and a merciless Eastern European dictator (Gary Oldman) who is out for blood. Salma Hayek, Elodie Yung, Joaquim De Almeida and Richard E. Grant are also part of the cast.
Usually, I should find such silly movies very appealing. But once the action reaches unrealistic slapstick territory it gets a bit difficult. The footage also looks as if Reynolds and Jackson spent more time in front of a greenscreen than on location. Should still be fun.

Detroit     HD720p 92MB
Action thriller that tells the gripping story of one of the darkest moments during the civil unrest that rocked Detroit in the summer of ‘67. Cast members include John Boyega, Will Poulter, Jacob Latimore, Jason Mitchell, Hannah Murray, Kaitlyn Dever, Jack Reynor, John Krasinski and Anthony Mackie. Directed by Kathryn Bigelow (The Hurt Locker, Strange Days, Zero Dark Thirty), like Bigelow's previous two movies again written by Mark Boal.
Not sure if the action movie approach will serve the topic well.

Maudie     HD720p 94MB
Biographical drama about an unlikely romance in which the reclusive Everett Lewis (Ethan Hawke) hires a fragile yet determined woman named Maud Lewis (Sally Hawkins) to be his housekeeper. Maudie, bright-eyed but hunched with crippled hands, yearns to be independent, to live away from her protective family and she also yearns, passionately, to create art. Unexpectedly, Everett finds himself falling in love. The film charts Everett's efforts to protect himself from being hurt, Maudie's deep and abiding love for this difficult man and her surprising rise to fame as a folk painter.

The Journey     HD720p 17MB
Drama loosely based on historical events, set in 2006, amidst the ongoing, decades-long conflict in Northern Ireland, representatives from the two warring factions meet for negotiations. In one corner is Ian Paisley (Timothy Spall), the deeply conservative British loyalist; in the other is Martin McGuinness (Colm Meaney), a former Irish Republican Army leader who has devoted his life to the cause of Irish reunification. Opposites in every way, the two men at first seem to have little chance of ever finding common ground. But over the course of an impromptu, detour-filled car ride through the Scottish countryside, each begins to see the other less as an enemy. Toby Stephens, John Hurt, Freddie Highmore and Catherine McCormack are also part of the cast.
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Atomic Blonde     HD720p 107MB   HD1080p 201MB
Greenband trailer for this action-thriller based on a graphic novel that follows MI6's most lethal assassin through a ticking time bomb of a city simmering with revolution and double-crossing hives of traitors. The crown jewel of Her Majesty’s Secret Intelligence Service, Agent Lorraine Broughton (Charlize Theron) is equal parts spycraft, sensuality and savagery, willing to deploy any of her skills to stay alive on her impossible mission. Sent alone into Berlin during the Cold War to deliver a priceless dossier out of the destabilized city, she partners with embedded station chief David Percival (James McAvoy) to navigate her way through the deadliest game of spies. Eddie Marsan, John Goodman, Toby Jones, Sofia Boutella and Til Schweiger are also part of the cast. Directed by David Leitch (John Wick, the upcoming Deadpool 2, as well as the recent Deadpool short).
Still looks like lots fun. Especially if New Order and Depeche Mode make it into the film. Alternative UK version: HD720p 27MB.

Transformers: The Last Knight     HD720p 107MB   HD1080p 194MB
Another trailer for another instalment of the Transformers franchise, again directed by Michael Bay (Bad Boys, Pain & Gain, Vanilla Ice: I Love You). The movie shatters the core myths of the Transformers franchise, and redefines what it means to be a hero. Humans and Transformers are at war, Optimus Prime is gone. The key to saving our future lies buried in the secrets of the past, in the hidden history of Transformers on Earth. Saving our world falls upon the shoulders of an unlikely alliance: Cade Yeager (Mark Wahlberg); Bumblebee; an English Lord (Anthony Hopkins); and an Oxford Professor (Laura Haddock). Gemma Chan and Isabela Moner are new to the cast. Josh Duhamel, Stanley Tucci, Sophia Myles and John Turturro return.

The Book of Henry     HD720p 94MB
Sometimes things are not always what they seem, especially in the small suburban town where the Carpenter family lives. Single suburban mother Susan (Naomi Watts) works as a waitress at a diner, alongside feisty friend Sheila (Sarah Silverman). Her younger son Peter (Jacob Tremblay) is a playful 8-year-old. Taking care of everyone and everything is Susan’s older son Henry (Jaeden Lieberher), age 11. Protector to his adoring younger brother and tireless supporter of his often self-doubting mother – and, through investments, of the family – Henry blazes through the days like a comet. Susan discovers that the family next door, which includes Henry’s kind classmate Christina (Maddie Ziegler), has a dangerous secret – and that Henry has devised a surprising plan to help. Directed by Colin Trevorrow (Jurassic World, Safety Not Guaranteed).
Not sure what to make of this one.

All Eyez on Me     HD720p 88MB
Biopic that chronicles the life and legacy of Tupac Shakur (Demetrius Shipp Jr.), including his rise to superstardom as a hip hop artist, actor, poet and activist, as well as his imprisonment and prolific, controversial time at Death Row Records. Against insurmountable odds, Shakur rose to become a cultural icon whose career and persona both continue to grow long after his passing. Danai Gurira, Annie Ilonzeh, Jamal Woolard, Kat Graham and Lauren Cohan are also part of the cast.

Queen of the Desert     HD720p 86MB
Letters from Baghdad     HD720p 90MB
Biographical drama that tells the story of Gertrude Bell (Nicole Kidman) who, as historian, novelist and member of the British secret service, played a decisive role around 1920 in setting the course for the new political order in the Middle East. As an educated young woman, for whom no suitable husband can be found in England, she journeys to Tehran. After a tragic love affair with a diplomat and inveterate gambler (James Franco), she decides to give up on her private life and discover the region as an explorer. Before the backdrop of the disintegration of the Ottoman Empire she learns languages, translates literature, meets with Muslim dignitaries in Cairo, Basra and Baghdad and earns their trust through her pluck and respect. Damian Lewis and Robert Pattinson are also part of the cast, the latter playing T.E. Lawrence, the one of Arabia. Written and directed by Werner Herzog (Fitzcarraldo, The Bad Lieutenant, Cave of Forgotten Dreams).
Movie wasn't that well received and will now have a very late release in the US. However, there is also an upcoming documentary about Gertrude Bell narrated by Tilda Swinton, with a lot of actual historic footage (mixed with re-enactments which I'm usually not a big fan of). It may provide either an interesting addition, or alternative to learn more about Bell.

Current crochet project:

Apr. 13th, 2017 01:07 am
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This, but with extra super thick yarn and some slight adjustments so it's a blanket rather than a pillow.

(I am serious about that yarn thickness, I'm using a crochet hook that's at least twice my usual size for chunky yarn, and three times my usual size for worsted weight yarn (worsted weight probably being the size most people associate with yarn).)

I added an extra fifteen rows each to the top and bottom of the chart, but I don't actually have enough green for much beyond the original pattern, so the majority of that is going to be gold instead. The yarn I'm using was all on clearance at Michael's, so there's probably no getting more green. After doing the math, I should need eight skeins of green and three of gold for the main/original pattern, and then I can use the rest at my discretion. I have nine skeins of green total, and picked up eleven of the gold. The additional top and bottom rows come out to about three-and-a-half skeins each, and while I got all of the green I could find, there were at least five more skeins of the gold that I didn't buy (and I might pick up an extra just in case).

I got through the first nineteen rows at Crafting tonight, and only just started the first "real" row of the pattern (that is, the one with actual color changes in it). So it's going reasonably fast, and I can't say I'm complaining about that. I should definitely have it done by AnimeIowa, and maybe even by the end of the month, depending on distractions.

Unfortunately, the easiest place to rest the weight of the blanket as I'm working on it is on my lap, and it's starting to warm up around here. It's been in the sixties (Fahrenheit) for a few days now, and working on a heavy blanket while under a heavy blanket is not the most pleasant activity :P Makes me wish I'd save it for winter, but knowing me, I'm sure I'd forget about the yarn by then. So now it is. At least my basement is nice and cool.

The Inferno

Apr. 13th, 2017 12:43 am
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(Originally posted on Tumblr, but I liked it so much I wanted it here, too.)

It’s been twelve years since I read Dante Alighieri’s Inferno, and even then I didn’t make it all the way through. It was for class, though, and we had a lot of discussions, so I picked up some key points.

And I definitely don’t agree with everything Alighieri thought, just to be totally up front about that. Some of the lustful people, those violent against themselves or against nature, just for a few examples, I really don’t think need to be condemned to hell for eternity. But there are a few things I think are absolutely on track:

First, that separation of church and state is vital.

Second, that compound fraud - that is, fraud that has an element of violence - is among the worst of all sins (crimes), especially when committed against people who are supposed to be under your care.

Finally, that there are some people in the world who are so evil that their souls are swept away to hell to start suffering early, while a demon takes over their body and continues their work.

Honestly, it gives me some small measure of comfort to know that, whenever I think that the Trump administration should to go straight to hell, at least one school of thought posits that they are already there.

Day to day life

Apr. 12th, 2017 04:46 pm
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I'm all set to finally earn my associate's degree a mere eleven years after I earned my bachelor's. At least they're in different fields.

I started taking classes at the local community college in summer of 2015 and I only need to take one more class before I'll have a shiny new associate's in accounting. I'll be graduating at the end of summer and my last class will be online. I should be able to find an entry level position somewhere in the meantime. I hope to have a nice, boring job somewhere that will help me tuck away the money needed to take two more years of classes somewhere and get another bachelor's and possibly take the CPA exam.

All those teenagers and early twenty-somethings in my classes look incredibly young from where I'm sitting on the other side of thirty. I guess I've gotten (comparatively) old.
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A heartfelt welcome to those who recently started reading this journal in order to follow the wild and crazy world of movie trailers.

Thor: Ragnarok     HD720p 67MB   HD1080p 126MB
Hilarious first trailer for the third Flash Gordon Thor movie. This time he is imprisoned on the other side of the universe without his mighty hammer and finds himself in a race against time to get back to Asgard to stop Ragnarok - the destruction of his homeworld and the end of Asgardian civilization - the hands of an all-powerful new threat, the ruthless Hela (Cate Blanchett). But first he must survive a deadly gladiatorial contest that pits him against his former ally and fellow Avenger - the Incredible Hulk (Mark Ruffalo)! Many of the cast members return, additions are Tessa Thompson as Valkyrie and Jeff Goldblum as Grandmaster. Directed by Taika Waititi (Hunt for the Wilderpeople, Boy, What We Do in the Shadows).
A-list actors doing cosplay. Enticing!

Chuck - The Bleeder     HD720p 22MB
Boxing movie that tells the story of Chuck Wepner (Liev Schreiber), the man who inspired the billion-dollar film series Rocky - a liquor salesman from New Jersey who went 15 rounds with the greatest boxer of all time, Muhammad Ali. In his ten years in the ring, Wepner endured 2 knockouts, 8 broken noses, 313 stitches. But his toughest fights were outside the ring: an epic life of drugs, booze, wild women, incredible highs and extraordinary lows. Naomi Watts, Ron Perlman, Elisabeth Moss and Jim Gaffigan are also part of the cast. Directed by Philippe Falardeau (Monsieur Lazhar, The Good Lie).
Not a big fan of boxing movies, but the cast makes it interesting.

Return to Montauk     HD720p 23MB
Trailer from France for this relationship drama about a writer (Stellan Skarsgård) in his early sixties, who travels to New York to launch his new book. His wife (Susanne Wolff) is expecting him; she has been working on the book's publication for the American publisher. His very personal novel tells the story of a great but failed love affair. He soon meets the woman who was the target of his affections at the time, German-born Rebecca (Nina Hoss), now a successful lawyer in New York. The pair return to Montauk for one winter weekend in this small coastal town at the end of Long Island where they were once so happy together. Niels Arestrup is also part of the cast. Directed by Volker Schlöndorff (The Handmaid's Tale, The Tin Drum, Death of a Salesman), co-written with Colm Tóibín (Brooklyn).
Festival reviews have been mixed. But I'm looking forward seeing two of Germany's best (theatre) actresses paired with Skarsgård. Sound of the trailer is a little overmodulated.

It     HD720p 89MB
Trailer for the new adaptation of the Stephen King novel. When children begin to disappear in the town of Derry, Maine, a group of young kids are faced with their biggest fears when they square off against an evil clown named Pennywise, whose history of murder and violence dates back for centuries. Among the somewhat better known kid actors are Jaeden Lieberher, Wyatt Oleff, Sophia Lillis and Finn Wolfhard. Directed by Andrés Muschietti (Mama).
I know next to nothing about Stephen King's books and the many movie adaptations.

King Arthur: Legend of the Sword     HD720p 92MB   HD1080p 168MB
The, allegedly, final trailer for this studio attempt to recycle a familiar character. When the child Arthur’s (Charlie Hunnam) father is murdered, Vortigern (Jude Law), Arthur's uncle, seizes the crown. Robbed of his birthright and with no idea who he truly is, Arthur comes up the hard way in the back alleys of the city. But once he pulls the sword from the stone, his life is turned upside down and he is forced to acknowledge his true legacy whether he likes it or not. Astrid Bergès-Frisbey, Djimon Hounsou, Aidan Gillen, Eric Bana, Katie McGrath and David Beckham are also part of the cast. Directed by Guy Ritchie (Snatch., Sherlock Holmes, RocknRolla).