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tu ramta jogiiiiiiii

Ganesh Chaturti - Log

- Emotionally, I've been very meh. Meh about things I like, meh about my RP, meh meh meh. It's a bad state and I don't like it.

- I've been listening to some old Hindi music soundtracks that I loved back in the day. I don't know much of the new stuff, though I should check anything A.R. Rahman puts out. He was my favourite composer. I mean, I love Ramta Jogi.

- I am tempted to do some writeups on shows I'm watching. Like a female appreciate post per week on the characters in Vampire Diaries, or maybe a Community FST. Hell, I want to churn out fics again. Go go being involved in fandoms again!

- WHY IS MY HOUSE SO QUIET AUGH. Though I love how my maid and I sort of chill, me on the comp and her in my folk's room watching Tagalog movies.

- Also man I use my tumblr ALL THE TIME. I don't know how this happened! Also, other people seem to find me and follow me! ... I don't know how that happened either?

- As a person, I have noticed I go back and forth on being empathic and patient to being a jerk! Or it could be my paranoia at work (it seems to be rearing its head lately). I might poke people and ask "IF I AM BEING UNCOOL PLZ SAY SO". 

- How does one get better at communication anyway? I feel out of sorts on that front.

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I approve of talking about shows you're watching. ♥

You should link me to more Hindi music, I loved the one you linked here.


. . . I could kick you if I see you being a jerk? But seriously honey, I love you. I wish I knew how to get better at communication, I feel I fail at it a lot lately.
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...I listened to the song you linked, but only a little bit of it. BUT I THINK I'VE GOT THE BUG, SO ANYTHING YOU WANT TO SEND MY WAY...

I think the key to communication is empathy. It's something that I can either have turned on super high or just completely turned off. With empathy, you kind of have to pick and choose what you're going to empathize with and what is too much of an emotional burden. But I think the interesting (and most important) thing about communication of any kind is that it's a shared experience, and should be treated as such. People communicate because they want to be reminded that they're not completely alone in the world, and so listening and also contributing are huge components.

Of course this isn't to say you don't fulfill those things ♥, I just think that maybe thinking of it in a new way might help with whatever you're looking for.
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As for communication, I think it's like ... Idk, like exercise, in a way. The more you do it, even when it's painful and irritating and nnnnghhhhhhhh dun wannaaaaa no go awayyyyyyy, the easier it gets, but let yourself fall out of that regime and it is ... really easy to lose your gained ground, so it's always a work in progress. :|a

It's how I feel about creative stuff too, actually, writing and et al. :|a MAYBE I JUST DON'T LIKE EXERCISE.
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