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The Windmill Lover ([personal profile] quixotic) wrote2009-11-11 08:34 pm

Multiculture - 001

I've always wanted to ask people; who do they consult when they feel insecure or lost?

When people watch Bollywood movies, they would know that we consult a brahmin to check the auspiciousness of the days and through his own craft (which I'm not sure of the details, so I will avoid commenting on it). You'll find that even my life doesn't escape this little detail of seeing our fate in the stars and whatnot. My parents, modern and accepting people that they are, pay a psychic to check our house.

Yes, a psychic.

We've had feng-shui experts come through as well, to see if our furniture is not disturbing our sleep or not. You cannot come to Singapore and escape feng-shui, guys. You may never see a direct sign of it, but it's everywhere. Nothing is built and placed in Singapore without that simple fact. Isn't that amazing? I think it is. I also think it's somewhat frightening how important it is.

So, how is it done in the West? Is there anything similar? I honestly do not know.

In other news! Sometimes, I feel like a failing fail thing. Like I play deep and insightful characters! From developing and ongoing canons! And people have so much to say and it's all very interesting and I feel I just... come short. I don't know what to say! I just have a deep and simple joy when it comes to things. I don't think, I just enjoy. And it's making me feel a little miserable that it's enough? And it shouldn't be? Idek.

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...do not feel insecure on point two. Because your enjoyment, I think, is as telling and awesome as anything else.

In America...it varies a lot, I think, so I can only talk from personal experience. I read stuff--I find a good, takes me in and down to the page level read is as good and as enlightening as anything for me, and the same with movies, although I have such twitchy taste for movies that I don't depend on movies more then books. I sometimes meditate or do something more nazelgazey like the sorta spellcasting stuff you find in the varied ratty parts of the pagan of America, although I'm a really bad at being a devout anything. Or, I'll make a venn diagram or a pro/con list. But most importantly, Italk to people, both online and on the internet. Anyone who'll give me helpful feedback, really.

Basically I look to get back down to "calm" and then relax so that I can reconsider the moment and go forward, which is what I think you're talking about? But like I said, I can only talk from my own experience here.
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[personal profile] wonderseal 2009-11-11 07:54 pm (UTC)(link)
In other news! The enjoyment is the goal. Not to be the cleverest (though you're quite clever) or to fit into what other people think your enjoyment should be. If you're enjoying yourself and not harming anyone else, people can deal.

Most people in America, I might say, are spiritual from Judeo-Christian roots, so they probably turn inward or pray or consult a religious leader. I talk to my mom and complain at a lot of people until they listen to me XD I guess there's also a consumer culture where we satiate our vast soulless emptiness with things.

I think feng shui is kind of interesting... Not that I know much about it. But it seems like it falls under the category of something that... has an effect, but maybe not for the reasons we've defined for it. I don't know. ♥
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I've covered the second part of your post so I'll focus on the first part.

It's mostly what [personal profile] wonderseal said, actually. Since in Mexico almost everyone is Christian or Catholic. In my case, though, I don't have a religion, and I tend to . . . whine at people if they're available until they listen to me and/or kick me or make me feel better somehow? I fail at dealing with that stuff by myself and it usually takes me hours before I get the courage to tell others how I feel. Because I end up convincing myself no one would care when I'm feeling that way, so unless they ask me I tend to never say it. I WIN AT LIFE.

If there's no one online I deal with it by myself: so I tend to watch things, sing my favourite songs, read manga or a book, watch something retarded, even dance or just cry is nothing else is working. What is working for me recently is Glee, especially episode 4. If nothing else works I go outside and lie on the ground to look at the sky, but I can't do it often since I usually feel that way in the middle of the night. And I never talk to my brothers or my mom about my problems or insecurities.

Sorry about the tl;dr it was probably boring. ;;
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Like the others said, different people enjoy things differently and if you're enjoying yourself how you want to then that's how it's meant to be. Other people might enjoy analysing things, and that's cool, but they only do it because that's how they enjoy themselves best (or should, anyway).

In terms of the advice thing, it depends on the type of problem. I don't believe in anything supernatural. If it's an emotional problem that's not serious, I listen to music and do other fun things until I feel better, and if it is relatively serious I talk to my family or friends (I saw a counselor a few times in early highschool too, that was very helpful). And if it's a decision or something I try and work it out rationally and talk it over with someone if I want help doing that, since it's easier to come to a decision if you lay out the pros and cons to someone else.

I've never really felt lost or in need of particular guidance. I'm relatively aimless but in a positive way- I know there are countless paths open to me, I'm just leaving them open until I have to pick one.


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I am making this face at you!

I enjoy you :D

Love love love |D