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- Going for the Murdoch course! I will pay for it tomorrow ahhh so nervous god.

- Stopping my meds means my junk food cravings have come back in full force. I feel like a glutton.

- Awkward feelings with school! But, meh, as long as I stick by the teacher I like to work with (and she likes me too!) I ain't gonna make a fuss.

- I found Dune fic on the internet! GOOD DUNE FIC. As in, not written by me! Do you have any idea how monumental this is. Ahhh. I read it all afternoon and it made me so happy and the things I would do for a Dune cast, a dune anything these days, guys.

- Writing in patches, which annoys me, but writing is writing. I might do another writing meme just to dabble here and there.

- I rewatched Stardust lately! And I had forgotten what an enjoyable movie it was. I'm not sure what the book is like (and frankly, I don't care either), but the movie is something I could easily watch a lot just for the sake of entertainment. Because it is pure entertainment. I think this weekend I'm going to sit down and watch Constantine and An American Werewolf in London. Both are relevant to my interests and I haven't seen them in a while.

- Guys, I could listen to this forever. I just. I love covers like this. Someone get me all their albums.

- Did I mention I found good dune fic? This is like the highlight of my life right now.

- Still trooping through Pokemon. It's amazing when I replay this game that I start to remember my old tactics and still find new things that get me hooked. Because seriously, whoever invented that game knew exactly what he was doing.

- I should also rewatch Star Trek. Just because.

- I have my own computer! Granted, it's my dad's old one, but who's complaining? Not me, man.

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So my cranky levels are off the charts. Therefore, to temper that, let's do a meme I never did but I enjoy!

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  • I like that during an Supernatural hiatus/interval, my downloading craze exponentially increases to the point I have documentaries on my hard drive.
  • I am a dork and I spend ridiculous amounts of time with [personal profile] comfortingsounds about Kirk and Spock and them being Kirk and Spock and I feel like one of those overly anxious fandom people who has no idea what they're talking about but it's hilarious to watch anyway.
  • I've been rewatching M*A*S*H and Radar is basically what I am if I was male. I'm not sure whether this is a good or a bad thing. But he's adorable anyway (and if any of you guys call me that, WE WILL HAVE WORDS)
  • Life is... tiring right now. Work and study and then maybe some RP but even so, it's become hard and grating.
  • Transformers Animated finale made me cry worse than any TV show or movie I have ever seen. I'm not sure what to think of this.
  • AHHH SAINT SEIYA WILL BE OUT SOON OMG AHHH. Oh wait. No one cares. :((((
  • TRANSFORMERS REVENGE OF THE FALLEN WILL BE OUT SOON I just want to see if they truly added Lockdown in there. Lockdown my one true rapist raburabu. I hope he steals the pants off every human in town. (And he would too! BECAUSE HE IS AMAZING!!)
  • Every time I fangirl, I feel like I should be adding a note or a "BEWARE/CAUTION" sign. I'm trying to get out of that mentality and I suspect I'm not the only person who feels that way. 
  • Two Steps from Hell - Freedom Fighters has been on my playlist for two weeks nonstop. This is terrifying.
  • I finally read the Antique Bakery manga! And then the canon doujinshis that came out with it. I was so close to crying. Out of all of them, I play the most mentally damaged one. Of course.
  • I think I've read every single prompt on the Star Trek kink meme. You may judge me now.
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Man, the internet really does have everything. Translations can be located in the previous post. Maybe I can find the rest of the Vedic chants I learned in school...

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Prabhujee Dayaa Karo
Maname Aana Baso. [I used to sing this line as "Mann-uh-me aane baso" but it's been a while]

Tuma Bina Laage Soonaa [sob I thought it was Jaage. MY MEMORY FAILS ME?]
Khaali Ghatame Prema Bharo.

Tantra Mantra Poojaa Nahi Jaanu
Mai To Kevala Tumako Hi Maanu.

Sare Jaga Me Dhundaa Tumako
Aba To Aakara Baahan Dharo.

English Translation

Oh, Master, show some compassion on me
Please come and dwell in my heart.

Because without you, it is painfully lonely
Fill this empty pot with the nectar of love.

I do not know any Tantra, Mantra, or ritualistic worship
I know and believe only in you!

I have been searching for you all over the world
please come and hold my hand now.

Translations were found here. It's not inaccurate, though some parts struck me as odd ["Khaali Ghatame" suggests more of an empty place within ourselves, but I guess in English it sounds better?] . There's also another verse between "prem baro" and "tantra" which is kinda like a chorus verse of "Oh Prabhuji~ Prabhujiiiiiii".

Maybe I'll find a vocal version of it later.