quixotic: Fandom | Adolescence of Utena (the axe effect)
The Windmill Lover ([personal profile] quixotic) wrote 2016-04-20 11:07 am (UTC)


Gretel | [personal profile] whichwitch
Charles Xavier | [personal profile] thexfactor
Sam Wilson | [personal profile] wingmans
Bumblebee | [personal profile] inbeeforeshortjoke
Clint Barton (AU) | [personal profile] archerival
Tsuruga Ren | [personal profile] reenactment
The Doctor (11) | [personal profile] iamthedoctor
Min Sun-Woo | [personal profile] romanticide
Sherlock Holmes (RDJ) | [personal profile] depraved
Wing (IDW) | [personal profile] wingedjustice
Chiba Mamoru | [personal profile] myloveislikearedredrose
Daisy Johnson | [personal profile] skyenet
Simon Blackquill | [personal profile] samuwry
Sailor Lead Crow | [personal profile] leadwings
Danny Fenton | [personal profile] phantomzone
Stanley Pines | [personal profile] grunkled
Alex Russo | [personal profile] waverlygirl
Takao Hiroko | [personal profile] recallofduty
Kokutou Mikiya | [personal profile] niceties
Tybalt | [personal profile] retribution
Ashura | [personal profile] ashurrence
Tear Grants | [personal profile] grantings
Snow Villiers | [personal profile] cangothedistance
Pit | [personal profile] rpglogic
Jackson Whittemore | [personal profile] yourtype
Takahashi Shirogane | [personal profile] galacticdad
Keith (Voltron) | [personal profile] bondingmoments
Turin Turambar | [personal profile] gurthang
Loki (mcu) | [personal profile] thatboyisamonster
Alm | [personal profile] almistice
Mei Chang Su | [personal profile] soundsfake
Yui Ikari | [personal profile] number01wife

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