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"It's too late for apologies, Optimus. It's too late for all of us"

So my thoughts on Transformers Animated!!! Well, not really since I can ramble about everything in Animated ever. Lockdown's betrayal for money! Starscream's need to defeat Megatron! Lugnut's gay! Prowl being a Discovery Channel fan! Bumblebee failing at life! Well, okay I did write an essay about Bumblebee and the finale and whatnot already (conveniently located here BUT WATCH THE SHOW FIRST!)

But some other thoughts! I was rewatching Along Came a Spider and a lot of thoughts revolving Optimus, Sentinel and Blackarachnia came to mind.

Now Optimus is really, really different from his movie incarnations. For one, he's not confident but he wants to be! He wants to be a hero, he wants to save people, but nobody believes in him except save his team! (Like Bumblebee whole-heartedly believes in Optimus even though he often freaks out and flails and does stupid things but he still believes!! unlike Prowl and Ratchet who always have a heavy dose of skepticism in the beginning. I think this can be partially linked to the fact that nobody truly believed in Bumblebee either other than Longarm and Bulkhead and Longarm ended badly). It's also interesting to note how much of an impact the Blackarachnia incident had on him. He pretty much gave up everything because of a sense of overwhelming guilt he had. While Sentinel channeled that guilt into rage and anger and discrimination, Optimus focused his on trying to be better but being told he never would be a hero. It was not in his programming. If you wanted me to pick which Optimus out of all the universes I liked the best, I would definitely pick Animated. Because he wasn't badass, but throughout the season, he just kept picking himself up from whenever he failed. And that was really endearing to me.

Now Sentinel.... is another character I adore for very different reasons. I love him mostly because he's hilarious! SERIOUSLY HE'S HILARIOUS!! Possibly the most hilarious robot I have ever seen in a long, long time. He's an Autobot! He treats everyone like crap! He gives everyone a complex! Even after everything that's happened to him... he's a total douchebot!!! But at the same time, he always seems the most realistic character I've seen. He doesn't take things well! He lost a best friend due to unforseen circumstances which he forced on them and he gave up on the other because he hated his own helplesness, hated the fact that he listened to Optimus and left Alita-1 behind, hated that Optimus has and always been right and that all built down to the trial where he accused Optimus and didn't stand up for him. And Optimus gave him more incentive to hate him because Optimus accepted all of this. Mostly, I think Sentinel is resentful and because of that, he closely hung onto his laurels whenever he could because that's all his worth was measured by. He's possibly the most pitiful thing at times, especially when you rewatch his meeting with Blackarachnia and see how upset he was, how angry with the idea of a resurfaced ghost that he just reacted violently. I think, for me, that's the most realistic thing I've seen in a while in any media. ... I honestly measure realism in characters by how much of a dick they can be for no reason.

ALITA-1!! Okay, I confess. I'm not a big fan of Blackarachnia. I'm weird that way, but when I rewatched Along came a Spider where she stood there in the rooftops and she was all alone and she started crying. I cannot press how big that was a thing for me. For one, Transformers can't cry. They are physically incapable of it, in fact they don't even know what it is. When Sari cries, Bulkhead and Bumblebee call it "leaking" and have no idea what it signifies. Blackarachnia, a robot who is a technoorganic, which means half machine, half organic is someone who can cry. But she has no tears. It's just this dryless sobs and it took me a while, but that was a powerful scene if you really understood the meaning behind it. Blackarachnia why your life gotta suck so hard :(
God guys I love giant robots!!

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. . .

Okay, I feel like I seriously should watch it now.
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. . . You should watch it. :( Or read the book.
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If you want to, yeah, watch if you can. I loved it. ♥

. . . Pfft, honey.
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Hey, I only laughed, I didn't say anything. ♥
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See, you're cute. ♥
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Because I fail and I got distracted . . . I'll watch more of it today.

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