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Asian peer pressure is never fun ever. Honestly, it would be nice if my dad just stopped threatening me like this. Alas, my dad is hard-headed and egoistical. The chances of him ever accepting he's wrong is like my chances of becoming President of the World. Fucking ten day ultimatum.

- Because of that, my day has been terrible. I've been stressed, upset and quite close to throwing things around my room. Thankfully, I seem to be doing okay now.

- I need to get fee stuff settled too. And I'm this close to strangling my supervisor (answer your damn emails woman)

- I won the Star Trek Raffle! Which was bizarre but it made me so happy on a crappy day.

- It's so weird to be playing a canon that everyone's into at the moment. I keep wondering if the world is watching me with judging eyes. On the other hand, I am enjoying just having Sherlock around. Even if it takes me like ten minutes to write a decent comment.

- I keep trying to finish the third season of Star Trek TOS, but it's hard. Because all the plots have become WoTW (Women of the Week) episodes and while I thoroughly enjoyed Wink of an Eye, I wanted to punch things during Mark of Gideon. Ughhh, even the really blatant gay isn't helping (seriously blatant gay)

- So I've been rewatching Kyou Kara Maou instead! One of my first animes and still ridiculously enjoyable. Also, it's amazing how some of the gruesome details just get brushed aside. Burying babies? Segregation? Abuse? ... Let's all ignore that shall we.

- Fall season for anime looks vaguely interesting though (Does anyone have any recs? I haven't watched anime in two years)


- Also, I'm damn sure Paul Wesley ships Damon/Stefan from the way he talks in his interviews. "For me, I’m brokenhearted about the kiss between Damon and Elena. Because as sociopathic and malicious as he is, and maybe a murderer, he knows that I love him. It’s the worst insult. At this point Stefan doesn’t empathize as much or care. He’s more like, You know what, I’m not going to deal with this guy." Sooo. He's broken-hearted because Damon kissed Elena or Elena kissed Damon? (Also, I like how he contradicts this statement later. You are a winner, Paul Wesley. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise).

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ha ha ha

IT'S BEEN SO LONG SINCE I'VE SEEN IT. I keep meaning to rewatch, but I've mostly just been reading the manga and skimming novel translations.
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SHE'S AMAZING. And bawww. And you totally should. :)
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HA HA BEST THREESOME oh god Adalbert would kill Conrad so hard. Man, I want someone to app him, too.
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Please do not hesitate to chat me up if you need anything. Unfortunately, I'm leaving on hiatus for the weekend but tonight (thursday morning for you) I'm around.

Love you dear. Good luck ♥
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I'll check my email periodically this weekend ;o; i wish i could be more here for you if you wanted it.