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I have a well of anger I am trying to control. I am a Singaporean. I am also an Indian. I don't belong in India. I don't belong in Singapore. I don't have a community, I don't have a base, I don't have those things I used to have when I was younger. As much as I understand the West, I will never be part of it and the same goes to the East.

I want to talk about Gandhi. I want to talk about the home he lived in, the same home I lived in. I want to talk about my visit there, looking at the tiny panels depicting his life and the spinning wheel that remains untouched since his departure. I want people to understand there's a reason why we call him Mahatma in India. I want to talk about Hinduism, the dirty parts that stay with me, the times school was cancelled midway and the trips back home where I worried if a riot would come and destroy the bus. I want to explain how Ganesh is worth studying, but Ganesh worshippers took their idols to the sea and turned it grey.

I want to talk about the ugly things, the poor things, the orphanages I worked in, the mental houses I did charity work for. I want to talk about how literal the expression starving children on the street is because that was my life a long time ago.

Gandhi is not cooler than moe Hitler or Nazis, fandom, I know. Hinduism still looks nice on paper... I know. The only thing I can do is share. I can't make a point. I can't change anything. But I think, I will write a little bit here and there, and maybe, it'll mean something.

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I've never read enough about Hinduism and I'm sure I don't know enough about Gandhi, but I'd be very interested to read anything you want to write or talk about. I think it's a very good thing to do and I believe it will mean something.
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I'm sure it will, honey. It'd even make me happy to read anything you write, so there. ♥
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What Serph said.
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Thirding what Serph said.
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Fourthing everyone.

And also this Gandhi is not cooler than moe Hitler or Nazis, fandom, I know. I . . . w-what is this.
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I wondered if it was that. I didn't read that post because I've barely been paying attention to camp lately, though, so I didn't know what people are saying about it or that Gandhi was in the manga too.
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I would happily read any of that.
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To quote Margret Mead: "Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed individuals can change the world. Indeed, it's the only thing that ever has."

It's not a waste: I'd like to see what you'd like to share.
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I think your writing's beautiful and I'd be happy to read whatever you had to write.
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I just... I just read that post. And that's about the only comment I can make. ::stares::

Um, anyway, if you write about Gandhi, Hinduism, and other things you have mentioned above, I will most definitely be interested, fwiw.

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I'm a little confused because it sounds like you have gorgeous things and a gorgeous perspective. There's never anything wrong with sharing that.