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The Windmill Lover ([personal profile] quixotic) wrote2010-06-15 06:42 pm

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Man, this journal has been really whiny.

 - My insecurities seem to be on the rise lately. I feel like I talk and nobody's listening so I'm less willing to talk, which is stupid because I have a gazillion friends who are all wonderful people and listen to me babble. But you know. Feelings.

- Three modules down, three more to go. I hate it so much but I'm learning so that's good.

- Got a presentation tomorrow. I'm not ...stressed about it but I am kinda :| about the whole thing, considering half my class sort of ...avoided doing it.

- I apped Shishio Makoto at Sabra! I LOVE SHISHIO but I am also terrified. I have never actually played a character of his calibre before! But I am also excited because I'm out of my comfort zone and there are a lot of things I could do with him.

- I need to get writing again. REALLY BADLY. I am so out of the habit that it's worrying. Writing is still my ultimate goal.

- I'm walking more often. Having an mp3 player helps.

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