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The Windmill Lover ([personal profile] quixotic) wrote2009-06-17 08:57 pm

Way down upon the Swanee River... far far away....

  • I like that during an Supernatural hiatus/interval, my downloading craze exponentially increases to the point I have documentaries on my hard drive.
  • I am a dork and I spend ridiculous amounts of time with [personal profile] comfortingsounds about Kirk and Spock and them being Kirk and Spock and I feel like one of those overly anxious fandom people who has no idea what they're talking about but it's hilarious to watch anyway.
  • I've been rewatching M*A*S*H and Radar is basically what I am if I was male. I'm not sure whether this is a good or a bad thing. But he's adorable anyway (and if any of you guys call me that, WE WILL HAVE WORDS)
  • Life is... tiring right now. Work and study and then maybe some RP but even so, it's become hard and grating.
  • Transformers Animated finale made me cry worse than any TV show or movie I have ever seen. I'm not sure what to think of this.
  • AHHH SAINT SEIYA WILL BE OUT SOON OMG AHHH. Oh wait. No one cares. :((((
  • TRANSFORMERS REVENGE OF THE FALLEN WILL BE OUT SOON I just want to see if they truly added Lockdown in there. Lockdown my one true rapist raburabu. I hope he steals the pants off every human in town. (And he would too! BECAUSE HE IS AMAZING!!)
  • Every time I fangirl, I feel like I should be adding a note or a "BEWARE/CAUTION" sign. I'm trying to get out of that mentality and I suspect I'm not the only person who feels that way. 
  • Two Steps from Hell - Freedom Fighters has been on my playlist for two weeks nonstop. This is terrifying.
  • I finally read the Antique Bakery manga! And then the canon doujinshis that came out with it. I was so close to crying. Out of all of them, I play the most mentally damaged one. Of course.
  • I think I've read every single prompt on the Star Trek kink meme. You may judge me now.

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