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that name is sian's fault.
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idk what you're doing either but i think it's great. WHOOOO DO I WANT TO PLAYYYYYY.
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idk i am not huge on ocs! i am very temped by modern!au arthur~ or a teacher because i have a lot of adults. or. someone. IDK WHAT IS EVERYONE ELSE DOING /sheeps
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i am limiting myself to TWO. TWO. /mulls. ... /flips coin.
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he is the art prof, right? RIGHT?? RIIIIGHTTT??? and everyone signs up for his class because while the theory is tough there is rumours of shirtless sculpting.
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there is rumours

there IS rumours?

ok then.
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there are indeed. ._.
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um. we're using character journals, right? or am i confused? did you want to include an offer for invite codes or something? i have a lot.
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OH POSSIBLY YOU DID i am le tired. ._.
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...oh boy oh boy 8D
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...HMM HMM do I want to do something with my ridiculous irrational love of Vesperia high school AU...
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YES. there would be canon images and ridiculous amounts of fanart to use! and it would be adorable!
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lookit lookit

(I...I have a collection... I don't know why I love it so much...)
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I don't actually know what I would want to do though. Or even who I'd want to play.
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I will have to consider.
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I do miss playing Rita. I am not sure though, taking her away from her fantasy setting might make it very close to playing myself. ...Only brattier, and even more socially maladjusted.
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... Come to think of it, I've never played a high school AU before.

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REQUEST FOR ADDITIONAL INFO because I am too lazy to email: since this is a dressing room, is it all right if there are things like multiple teachers for one subject?

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