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So, recently, when I went to Kinokuniya, I spotted an Archie comic! So I flipped it open to see what it was like! 

Apparently it was a five-part issue about Archie and Betty's wedding. They had kids, Jughead got married...

It was a very distressing thing to read.

When I was younger, I loved Betty because Betty was the good girl who never got anywhere. We all loved her and wanted her to get what she wanted! But she never did. That was the whole point of the Archie comics; Archie couldn't choose, Jughead didn't like girls, Reggie fails because he's a meanie... it was supposed to leave you guessing, thinking, wishing. How many times have I conjured up scenarios where Betty got Archie to the prom? Or Reggie crossed a line?

I don't know what Archie comics are doing anymore. I stopped caring about it a long time ago. But seeing that issue, reading through it... I feel like they've taken away a part of my childhood and I don't know how to get over it.
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Pretend it was AU.
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I never read Archie so I have only the barest idea of the comic, but... pretend it's DC and some weird author took over and soon enough they will retcon all that rubbish.

Though your icon reminds me I was a massive Garfield fan back in the day.
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I read my uncle's old Richie Rich comics. And Donald Duck.
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I'm probably going to email some flail your way in a second. Nightow has done a new Trigun chapter.
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It's my understanding that they also did a bit with Archie marrying Veronica, and at the end of the whole miniseries, it all turned out to be a dream or fantasy or something like that, and no decision had been made.
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Huh. I didn't know they did more than one miniseries with that theme.
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So's the one I'm thinking of, actually. It was done in 2009. It's this one.

...But the idea of them doing one that isn't a fantasy is really annoying. It takes something away from the series.