May. 2nd, 2010


May. 2nd, 2010 08:06 pm
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- Despite struggling with it, I am trying to mirror Dean's development in canon (I may not like it! But damnit, if canon can do it so can I) and I'm enjoying the results of it! Plus, it makes me happy that I can do that because I have a fabulous Sam to play off on.

- Back into playing Merlin and rewatching it in bits, I feel superconfident in him again! Sometimes, I watch one episode of Season One to contrast it with Season Two and to be frank, I love Season Two Merlin so much more because he himself gets a lot more confident and so do I in playing him that way. I got bogged down by the card event and the amount of shit that happened to Merlin over a period of time, but I'm so glad I got over it.

- George is coming back to me too! Steadily. I need to throw him in posts more but he is safe!

- Hayate is my favourite though. He is just that ridiculously easy to play.

- So everyone knows my love for Dune is all-encompassing right? I sort of wonder how people feel when I play Leto, though. Leto's a bit of a gomode and I probably step on toes and he's really, really weird. Has anyone played a character where you feel like you're tripping over people, but you're enjoying it so it's probably okay? Not sure if I explained it well. But Leto is my baby, never dropping him (ghanima do want)

- [personal profile] aragorn says I should make a table for people who want me to app them counselors. ... This is what my life is like.

- I wrote an essay on Kirk and felt better. I feel I should write more though. Kirk's development is ... really strange compared to a lot of media I see because it's... not linear! At least, that's the feeling I got from it. I'm hoping the new movie will shed light there but that's like. A year away. And I'm terrified of checking people's meta on it because he's someone I adore my portrayal of (and I think for kirk, portrayal-wise, it's fluid. There's a lot of variations of the new kirk you could do) and I'm not confident enough to read anyone else's superintelligent thoughts yet.

- Wow, I talk a lot about RP. Well, life starts tomorrow.


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