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So this week so far has been fairly magical in the sense that I can get up in the morning and use the computer! No school, no parents, it's like the high like. Of course, having too much of the high life makes me feel restless like there's something more I should be doing but I'm not! But eh, it's my week, I should spend how I like!!! At least if I keep telling myself that, it'll come true!

But I guess having too much of a good thing is weird as well. I was totally intent to play loads this week, complete my activity, do lots of icons etc, but lately I feel like I've been falling flat on that. An odd sense of staleness has infected my play (to the point that I was like sdfshdfsd I am playing Dean shittily! and Dean is my baby). I dunno what to do with thiiiiiiiis. I wanted to run an event, but I can't muster up the enthusiasm to do that! Which is really not helping my feelings of fail (perhaps I am simply not destined to run events, they are meant for beings with a high calling than me).

Well, it's only Tuesday. By Thursday, [personal profile] aragorn will be here and all those feelings will fly away as I smother her with my love.

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That's how I feel somewhat because I should be doing homework instead and I just feel like I'm losing my time doing things I like and ugh. HONEY IF THERE'S ANYTHING I CAN DO TO HELP, TELL ME.

Run an event if you want to run one, I'm sure you can. ♥

O-ONE DAY I'LL VISIT YOU. Have fun, honey.
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Try to enjoy this week as much as you can. I mean, remember you won't get a free week as often and try to get off that feeling like you have to be productive. It's good to spend days doing nothing or what you want to do, you can go back to being productive after that, darling.

Well, you could try helping someone run one?

I DON'T KNOW WHEN BUT I CAN DREAM. It'd be the most awesome trip ever.
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I know, I hope you really can relax and enjoy this week, honey. You deserve it.

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Don't make me kick you into relaxing, because I could try that. It's a good thing you'll see Klavier soon because that should help.


. . . haha, really?
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Awesome, honey. I'll miss you, but you two better have fun.


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I mean uh, I didn't think you would and. /o\
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How long is she going to be there?


. . . what. What did you think about? I'm curious okay. :x