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- Inksome might be going down! Which means most of my RP related woes entries will be going along with it. So I'm debating starting a comm just to fill with RP thoughts and essays because I've played a lot of characters (and I can say that for sure) and so many essays tend to be scattered all over my journals. Might as well make a comm and start it in one place.

- I don't understand when talking to people became a struggle, but it has. I'm getting more and more moody and irritable towards... well, er, entitlement, I suppose is the best word for it (thank you [personal profile] unbelievable ). At this rate, I'm going to spend time talking to the sane people on this internet side and ignoring the rest. I've always prided myself on being fair, but I'm not gonna do that at the expense of my piece of mind. Just, no.

- I've been marathoning Avatar and it's very good just to watch and hang back. I wish the fandom for it wasn't so intense. (no seriously, spn? star trek? no problem. but avatar fans? when talking about a cartoon show? terrifying).

- I'm even thinking about apping Aang in [community profile] pandoras if only so I can finally have a communicative person in my lineup (don't get me wrong. Sherlock is super-communicative! But does the man care? not one whit)

- For a while I thought I lost my Dean mojo. I'm so glad I'm wrong.

- I wish I was less logical about dealing with problems. At least that way, I can fake sympathy and go there there. But ultimately, that's not gonna help anyone! ... So asking that of me is just ridiculous.

- Need to get writing, pronto.

- God, I'll miss my icon slots in Inksome. That is my only regret. Oh well, time to periodically recycle icons at DW  instead...

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I'm supposed to be using this journal more but I keep deleting everything I want to post before I do. I am awesome.

. . . Are they seriously being like that? Because I can kick people for you.

I start school next week and one of the things that make me really sad is that I couldn't even finish an app there. Maybe I should try apping someone easier, idk, I hate third person samples with a passion. But you playing Aang would be adorable, I miss playing someone from Avatar.

You're like Spock IRL when it comes to problems, but I already knew that.

That reminds me I've been wanting to read some of your writing but I never remember in time to say it.

Me too.

. . . and yeah I'm making huge comments. Love me.
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Sometimes what?

Yeah. My type is Zuko, but yeah. They are, I wish I failed less so I could app.


. . . Is that so what.
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. . . Honey, be more clear.

I'll try. I need to stop thinking everything I do sucks.

It's the way you use to talk to me when I'm getting depressed or something, but there's nothing wrong with it.

I know honey. I'm sorry, you don't have to.
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. . . uh. I'm sorry.

I said I was apping several weeks ago, so. Sigh. Maybe I should try apping someone else.

How so?

Okay. I love you.
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Just do what you want to do, nothing more.

Maybe. I really want to join there.

Probably, but it's not a bad thing either, honey. You help me a lot, even if I tend to fail anyway.

I would like to, but it's all right if you want to. ♥
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It will have to be enough, fuck everyone else. Do whatever makes you happy.

. . . Okay, but you need to remind me or kick me into thinking I don't suck, please.

Maybe try doing things differently if it makes you think that way?
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Thank you, honey.

If you are, it'll be very difficult to change it. In any case, as long as you're comfortable with how things are, then people will just have to adjust to it.
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That's okay, darling.


I love you so much. You know my feelings for you and I say them constantly. I honestly believe that, and you're wonderful and you've helped me a lot. I'm sure you've helped others, and that's always enough. I love you, and you're wonderful for who you are.
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What, I don't get an I love you too? :'(


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DO YOU WANT TO SHARE AN RP THOUGHTS COMM I have one but I don't use it that much. . .

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[community profile] freud . . . :x

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[personal profile] corinthian 2010-02-28 01:11 am (UTC)(link)
I AM JUST EXCITED! Since I kind of barely use it at all lol :'D . . . lemme see what kind of tags I've been using so I can futz with those. . .

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For what it's worth I really miss being in the same time zone (or similar) with you. You were always fun to talk to and I really miss playing with you.
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[personal profile] wonderseal 2010-02-27 08:03 pm (UTC)(link)
Our schedules are going to be even shittier for talking BUT if I don't talk to you this weekend I'll cry tears of blood.

Also you playing Aang would be adorable, what. I need to figure out how to fall in love with Katara again :|

Also, how far with you am I on the dealing with problems as logic thing? So far. My natural reaction to some things is "Well stop that". CLEARLY NOT A GOOD ANSWER.
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[personal profile] aragorn 2010-02-28 03:49 am (UTC)(link)
Ooh this layout.

Will the RP thoughts comm be open to read? Because I do enjoy reading your thoughts on it and replying.

Also I saw Speed Racer lollies today in holographic tins.
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[personal profile] aragorn 2010-02-28 03:54 am (UTC)(link)
Neato. I will keep an eye on it.
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... you would be an awesome Aang :3

Also I don't actually know how to deal with people being sympathetic at me without trying to help think of ways to fix the problem, much less do the sympathy without trying to think of advice thing myself. So you're not alone in that and I think you should do whatever you're comfortable with. Don't fake it.